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Submitted on
July 19, 2008
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There once was a girl
That no one understood.
She never seemed to speak
No one thought she could.

She just sat there in class,
Doddling in a notebook,
Listening to the teacher's lecture
But no one seemed to look.

Look at the beautiful drawings,
Of random objects and things.
People, animals, plants,and leandscapes
That were drawn from memory.

These drawings were her world,
The only things she had.
The only things she cherished.
But she had to hide them from her dad.

He thought them as stupid,
And thought she could do better.
She knew she could,
But her heart wouldn't let her.

For her drawings were her escape route.
And place for her to hide.
A drawing for happy moments.
A drawing for when she lied.

A drawing for her anger.
A drawing for her sadness.
A drawing for a hert brake,
And a drawing for her madness.

She had a picture to escape through,
For every emotion she felt.
So she could disapear,
Like ice, when it melts.

Disapear from the world,
And from everything around it.
Just until she felt better.
Only for a little bit.

But everytime she hoped
She would disapear forever,
Never to be found,
But her drawings wouldn't let her.

Because she always came back.
Came back to the real world.
It's thenher problems are solved,
Her complications unfurled.

It's then she realized,
You can't just disapear.
So as her drawings burn
All you notice is her tears...
another one of those poems that isn't about me... yay!!!
tell me what you think...
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GhuneiM Aug 4, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
i so liked this poetry
it describes me somehow, it is beautiful but the difference um a boy and i dun cry easy ..
i dun disappear from the world in my drawings but um into it trying to do something, but i never thot i can make it ..

i liked the start, it is perfect
I like the 8th verse the best :D think it holds the essence of the poem. Good stuckture all the way trough the poem. Can kinda relate, in the way that when i'm bored in school i draw to flee from the teachers waterfall if jibberish :b either that or the toilet to pee haha X)

lovely there miss Tabi :boogie: or as we danes say: godt gået frøken haha
the other one was better though i think :b more dark you see :'D
yes... it is...
and it's deeper...
but they are still two of my favorites...
why didn't i fav this ?
well it's done now :b
idk... you said you didn't like it as much as another one i had...
oh well... thanx for the fav!!! :)
can i proofread? please?
oh, and i remember you reading this to me. i'm going to :+fav: it, cuz i like it so much. ^_^
proof read???
yeah...spelling mistakes. ^_^
they're driving me mad.
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